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White Garments with digital quality full colour images

Printed Area up to A4 size- the colour print 'floats' on the white fabric, ideal for personalising clothing, bedding, or bags with digital images such as photographs

This is ideal for low quantities, such as full colour sponsor logo on a football shirt. For larger quantities we suggest screen printing if the garment allows.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing process in which ink is pushed through a stencil onto a printing surface such as a t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts and other apparel.

This is a mechanical process and is very good for high volumes, there are set up charges that do not make this very economical under 70 garments. This is normally a 5 day turnaround once artwork had been approved.

Full Colour Images on NON WHITE Garments

Printed Area up to A4 applied as a solid 'patch' – which can be square, round or contoured to your design,. Ideally for digital images such as photo’s or multi colour logo’s with a solid colour background.

Full 'Floating' Colour onto NON WHITE Garments

This new white on white (WOW) process gives you unique full colour printing which floats on your fabric just like a screen print - except you can order just 1, and can have it ready in 1 hour! Ideal for single or multi colour logo’s without a solid background where an exact pantone colour match is needed.

Solid Colour Text, Shapes and simple Logos

Vinyl print technology for a fantastic look & smooth feel, or flock print for a felt feel. This is ideal for garments that have a lot of stretch and need the logo to move with the fabric, such as sportswear.

Ideal for any sized print area but design must be fairly simple and without very fine detail

Artwork Preparation

Our prefered format for most work is an Encapsulated Postscript file or *.eps file, this is the originally created artwork and having this will lower any set-up charges. We also like J-Peg ( name.jpg ) in sRGB (the norm) sized at 300dpi at final size.

File size/resolution is important, and you should be aware that small images obtained from the internet can look disappointing when scaled up to a large printable area, please get permission for the image license holder, bear in mind that most internet images are subject to copyright.

You can create a mock up in Microsoft Word or whatever program you have, - but normally we cannot print this artwork and will just use it as a guide.

We may need to charge for creating some types of artwork or modifying yours so we can work from it. We will let you know when you place your order.

Designs for embroidery need to be 'digitized' as a one-off charge. This turns your image into a stitch pattern that the embroidery machines can recognise, determining colours and location. This is a very specialist piece of work and unfortunately not something a graphic designer can do with Photoshop.

Designs for cut vinyl printing need to be vectorized either by tracing from a j-peg or better still by supplying as Encapsulated Postscript file (eps file) or Adobe Illustrator file (*.ai) without any guidelines etc.

Specific fonts may need to be supplied to match your corporate identity.

PLEASE NOTE - we cannot guarantee pantone matching, - although we are usually very close, - please arrange for a sample if this is critical to you.

Photo Gifts

Calendars, Mugs, Mousemats, Badges, Towels, Pillow cases, cushion covers, Giant enlargements, Photo fliers. Photo Badges are great for birthdays, hen nights, or a laugh!



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